Welcome to Icy Network!

Published by Diamond at Thu Aug 31 2017 12:30:07 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

Icy Network is a work-in-progress network which will serve as the central server and holding organization for our upcoming projects.

What can you expect from us

We will be creating community websites and running game servers, hopefully in the near future. We already have a cool project in the works which we hope will be finished by next year.

We already have a Minecraft server, which you can find at mc.icynet.eu

Where to contact us

You can send us an email at icynet (at) lunasqu.ee
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/IcyNet

We also have a Discord server which you are all invited to!
Or if you're more old-school and prefer IRC, we also got you covered.

Be on a lookout for more information and updates from us!