February 2018 in Icy Network

Published by Diamond at Tue Feb 27 2018 23:22:26 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Hello guys!

Thought I'd give you a little update on what's been happening with Icy Network in February.

IRC Network Deprecation

Starting next month, our IRC network will cease to exist. This is partly because I don't want to own an IRC network anymore and partly because nobody really uses it. The IRC had nearly constant 10-12 users connected, however only a small fraction of them actually talked. The small amount of users doesn't encourage me to keep the server running.

Some of our dearest friends who we built our IRC with have sadly migrated to more modern platforms and we're doing the same. If you're reading this and you've used the IRC before, thank you. We'll see around, I guess.

Episodes.Community Progress

I've just recently started working on Episodes.Community again and I've already done a few things with it.

Currently, I'm working on the community discussion boards.

Look out for more updates in the near future!